Our work began on the streets and in the slums of Mumbai in 1993, helping the youth and children living in Kandivali railway station and providing skills development for women in slum near Bandra. Now we have our presence across India.


In Mumbai, Maharashtra, we work in slum communities and notorious red-light areas of the city, where we serve to uplift the lives of families affected by modern-day slavery and poverty. Our hubs are based in


In Bangalore, Karnataka, we work in a slum communities and aid in the community development of families.

In Punganur, Andhra Pradesh, we work in developing organic farming and also community development of families in the villages. We also offer a retreat center at Potters’ Wheel where many volunteers, NGOs and govt agencies avail for seminars, retreats, workshops etc.

  • Muthukur

In Chennai, Tamil Nadu, we work in slum communities where crime rates and poverty are at an all time high. We work in empowering the lives of women and children here.


In the East and North Eastern Region, we’ve established a hub dedicated to assisting families with alternative skill training and fostering the holistic development of children, thereby fostering a socially conscious and thriving community. Concurrently, we’re vigilant and actively combating human trafficking in the region.