In Canning, 24 south Parganas, Oasis India is partnering with Bansra Birangana Seva Samiti, (BBSS) an organisation committed advocating strongly for the victims of human trafficking.


Our shared vision? Passion to prevent and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking.

Being established in September 2012, BBSS’ efforts in the delta region of Sundarbans has impacted 756 Villages with awareness on human trafficking, early marriage and other issues that pose a risk for safety of the young girls.  More than 100 trafficked victim girls from intra and interstate have been rescued and 90 are self-sustained through Tailoring and other business. BBSS’ strength remains in providing rehabilitation and legal assistance to the survivor’s for making them self-sustain in the community.  

Canning West Bengal Oasis India
Canning Oasis India

In partnership, our continued efforts will be towards “building survivor leadership”, enhance community based rehabilitation, formation of strong adolescents peer groups, formation of Self-help groups exclusively for survivors of trafficking, with the aim of:

  • Prevention of Trafficking
  • Prevention of early marriage and Child Abuse.
  • Women empowerment

Impact: 1500 adolescent girls will gain a thorough understanding of human trafficking resulting in overall reduction in child marriage, early marriage, domestic violence, increased awareness, reduced vulnerability, increase in self-confidence, strong parent-child relationship and holistic well-being not just for these girls but the generations to come.