What bias are you breaking?

“I lost my parents at a very young age. My uncle is the one that took care of me. He is the biggest inspiration for me. Many people spoke down upon me, saying that I can never achieve anything. My goal is to finish this hairdressing course and start a parlour. I want to prove myself in front of these people who spoke down on me.” Ragavi, Chennai

“I believe that women are the strength of the country. I am courageous and I believe that all women should be brave too!” Kushi*, Rehab & After-care, Mumbai




“I believe in equality and I am a staunch advocate for the same. Seeing my boldness, my family also supports me. They never tell me that I cannot do something because I am a girl.” Kumkum, Basic Compute Course, Nalasopara

“I have always seen restrictions and conditions for women but in my family, I ensure that we talk to the boys and men about respecting women and protecting them. We should treat both men and women equally.” Usha Rani, Self-Help Group, Bangalore

“At home, I make sure that I treat both my son and daughter equally. I don’t believe in treating them differently because of their gender.” Arushi*, Kamathipura, Mumbai

“I’ve learnt to be an independent woman through my life experiences and struggles. As my children grew up, they settled with their family and after my husband left me I survived on my own. I had to take care of two of my grandchildren as well! This experience taught me the most important part about being courageous and standing up not just for myself but for others too. I struggle to meet my month’s expense. Farming is my only source of income and I have my grandchildren solely dependent on me. I had to learn to manage my monthly expenses along with their schooling. This gave me the motivation to start every new day afresh and wake up with a hope that I don’t struggle just for myself and the struggle is going to be fruitful one day.” Nu Lamting, Manipur

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