Skill Development

We provide skill training and job readiness training so that women who have faced trauma or who are vulnerable are able to earn an income for themselves.

The greatest challenge as an organisation is not creating change but creating initiators of change

Some of those we work with have never been to school so we help them become literate. We also assist those from our skilling programmes to secure jobs.

At 17, Sahil joined Blue Edge, a 6-month employment readiness programme. A traumatic childhood had forced him to grow up too quickly. He was just 12-years-old when his father abandoned him. He dropped out of school to work at a joinery to earn for his family. Experiencing physical abuse at his work place, he carried a lot of bitterness in his heart. During the first month at Blue Edge, Sahil was always secluded. He did not talk to anyone. In one of the rhythm of life sessions with the Blue Edge students, the staff discussed forgiveness and bitterness. This is when Sahil opened up about the bitterness that he has towards his abuser and his father.

Staff counselled Sahil and helped him understand that he has to come to terms with his past. He could either continue to be bitter or he can leave his past behind and learn to push forward. He took a decision to turn his life around. He started doing well in class and concentrated on developing his personality. He now works at Pizza Hut and is also planning to study further.

Sahil is not just a great student but a responsible citizen. He is one of Oasis India’s change agents. He and his friends also raised funds to supply bed sheets, pillow covers and groceries for an old age home.

The greatest challenge as an organisation is not creating change but creating initiators of change.


Youngsters learnt English and computer skills


learnt vocational skills like tailoring, hairdressing, etc


were placed
in jobs