Indian Among Three Nuns Awarded for Combating Trafficking

Sr Seli Thomas

Heartiest congratulations to Sister Seli Thomas on receiving the prestigious Sisters Anti-Trafficking Award (SATA). Your relentless dedication and outstanding contribution to rescuing women from networks involved in trafficking are truly commendable.

Your work, focused on bringing hope and light into the lives of exploited women and children, is an inspiration to all. Your commitment to providing education, legal aid, and support for these vulnerable individuals is making an incredible difference in the fight against human trafficking.

Your recognition among such esteemed individuals is a testament to the impact you’ve made in the lives of those you’ve rescued and the communities you serve. Your dedication seamlessly resonates with Oasis India’s mission, tirelessly striving to make India a better and safer place for women and children.

May you continue to be a beacon of hope, an advocate for the vulnerable, and a catalyst for positive change. Your work embodies the true spirit of service and compassion.

Congratulations once again, and best wishes for your continued success in your vital mission.

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