In Grant Road, the brothels exist in over 17 buildings and our work in this area is to reach out to women, pimps, brothel owners and other youth. We encourage and givethem opportunities to choose alternate lifestyles by providing skill training and guidance.

We work towards establishing contacts with women and men, following up with them through daily visits to the brothels. This is the first point of contact where staff interact and build relationship with the women, pimps, brothel owners etc. They are also invited to the Drop-in Centre, where they are heard and provided guidance to make choices that will benefit them in the long run. They are encouraged to participate in life skills sessions, health awareness, adult literacy and vocational trainings as well. Women and men are also assisted in being reintegrated back with their families.

Our programmes in the hub includes:

  • Health awareness sessions
  • Mothers’ counselling sessions
  • Change Agent Groups
  • Beautician course
  • Vocational tailoring course
  • Hair dressing course