In South of Chennai, Kannagi Nagar is a notorious community with a population of around 1.25 Lakhs. Housing the biggest resettlement tenements, it is known to be the hotspot for crimes in the city. This automatically makes this community a high-risk area for women and children, making it very unsafe with threats of sexual abuse and early marriage, especially for girls. A large percentage of girls are married young and many of them undergo abortion or miscarriages as young as 14. These existing issues have a symbiotic relationship. From the initial survey that we conducted at Kannagi Nagar, we found that almost 50% of children face alcoholism and substance abuse issues. Our programmes at Kannagi Nagar focuses on uplifting and building the lives and skills of the women and children in this community.

The activities in Kannagi Nagar Hub includes:

  • After School Programme
  • Youth Club
  • Vocational Tailoring Course
  • Micro skilling
  • Hair Dressing Course
  • Change Agent Groups