Kalwa East is the next suburb in Mumbai that is fast-growing. Within a kilometre from the Kalwa railway station is a settlement at the foothills known as Bhaskar Nagar. We conducted a survey in early September 2019 with over 100 persons within the community to understand their needs and issues.

The major issue seen in Kalwa was unemployment among men. Many families there have no other income source to fulfil the basic family needs such as education, health care, basic amenities etc. This is also due to the lack of vocation and soft skills. We also found that the community was unsafe community as several women from the red-light areas have relocated here which makes this community so much more accessible to customers and pimps. Our aim is to equip families in this community with education, health awareness, self-care, skill training, sports, environmental sanitation, and knowledge about anti-human trafficking that is essential for their transformation as well as the transformation of others.

Our activites in the hub includes:

  • After-school Programme
  • Informal education
  • Adult Literacy
  • Sports
  • Health Care
  • Vocational skills Training
  • Anti-human Trafficking Awareness¬†
  • Outreach