Who are we?

Oasis Ministries is a not-for-profit organisation, begun in 2001 (June 2001) to strengthen and provide support for the Oasis Global projects, particularly in India, Africa and Central Asia. Oasis Ministries Inc. (Oasis USA) is a 501(c)(3) religious non-profit, certified by the Secretary of State, California.

Global Community Development
Oasis USA provides support to sister organziations in India, kyrgystan and other countries. Oasis USA provides supplementary funding and personnel to support the work of oasis global around the world. Projects serve vulnerable populations such as children at risk, women in poverty, victims of human trafficking.

Our Vision
Our vision is for community where everyone is included, making a contribution and reaching their God-given potential.

Our Mission
Oasis is committed to working in an inclusive, integrated, empowering and comprehensive way so that all people experience wholeness and fullness of life.
Our objectives are to end trafficking 1 COMMUNITY at a time, and resource the work of Oasis, globally.

Past Programs
TraffickFree COMMUNITIES (TFCs) was our primary program model in the U.S.  TFCs were community led initiatives that resourced and empowerd local activists to work with key stakeholders involved in the life of a trafficked person. Oasis has observed in our own work locally and around the world, as well as, in other social change campaigns that community action leads to stakeholder action, which leads to real change. We help with the training and research process to help a TFC get going, but then a TFC  organizes itself and meets regularly, with the aim of influencing each of the eight key stakeholders of a community.

Currrent Programs we support
Resourcing the work of Oasis around the world
Part of our purpose in the U.S. is to help identify resources (staff and funding) for the other countries in which Oasis operates.  This ranges from sending U.S. staff/volunteer to help work under the local leadership in the country, to helping submit a grant for international work

Oasis Ministries supports Oasis India’s work across India.

About Oasis India
Oasis India is a human trafficking prevention organisation that aims to prevent trafficking and other forms of violence against women and children and assist each person to flourish in the context of their community.

Oasis’ work began in the slums of Mumbai in 1993, helping the youth and children living in Kandivali railway station and providing skills development for women in the slum near Bandra. Now they work in communities across 5 states in India – Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Punganur in Andhra Pradesh, and Manipur & Assam in North East. The strategic focus is aligned along the thematic pillars of education, sports, skilling, prevention, rehab and community. 

Visit Oasis India’s website 

Oasis Ministries also supports the work of Oasis Kyrgyzstan

About Oasis Kyrgyzstan
Oasis Kyrgyzstan provides social protection for vulnerable children and women by providing them hard and soft skills for transitioning to independent and self-sustaining living standards after graduation from orphanages/boarding schools, leaving institutions.

Visit Oasis Krygyzstan’s website