Today, we face a lot of uncertainty due to the COVID-19 outbreak all around the world. At Oasis India, we are doing everything we can to protect our beneficiaries and staff in our hubs.


We provided humanitarian relief for families living in and around the villages in Moreh, Manipur in the North East (Indo-Myanmar Border). The kit contained dry ration with rice, dal and a blanket. This was provided to 100 needy families who are internally displaced and are greatly affected by Covid-19.

As part of Asian Aid's #BackToSchool initiative, we were able to provide schoolkits for children in our after-school programme from all the hubs in Chennai. 120 children received school kits and 285 women and children recieved blankets as partof the COVID-19 relief work.

In Bangalore, children in the after-school programme received school bags and kits to get ready to go #BackToSchool. Tailoring students were provided dress materials as part of COVID Care Relief to help with receiving extra income in their small business initiatives. Youth received bags as part of the relief and development programme.


As we grapple with this pandemic, we have come to realise that the most affected are those from low income families.  As the scale of this crisis has left them in the lurch, we are responding on the ground with aids for the low income families and those working in the informal sector.

Problems that families in the communities face due to COVID-19:

  • Daily wagers/ informal sector workers are without jobs and are in debts.
  • Not enough supplies to sustain for a longer period
  • No protective masks or hand sanitisers
  • No bank accounts to access government aided entitlements
  • 30—40% of slum dwellers across cities where we work do not have ration cards
  • In Chittoor, 80-100 migrants are stranded in a Government relief camp
  • Sustenance after the lockdown poses a threat

In Bangalore

In Mumbai

*Creating awareness and distribution of masks were done in the community by our staff before the Government lockdown in India.

In Chennai

In Punganur

Your financial contribution will: 

  • Support the families of construction workers, housemaid, and road side vendors with 3 months food rations.
  • Provide hygiene kits like masks and soap.
  • Provide recharge pack for mobile phones of the migrant individuals
  • Provide medicine for those sick in the slum areas we work in
  • Help in purchasing fabric for producing masks by our project tailoring and self-help group women.

Thank you for making a difference! 

#Provide #Protect #PartnerToSaveLives #HopeOverFear



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