Emergency COVID Care Centre 

In partnership with various community based fellowships, community Churches and individuals from  NE Migrant community spearheaded under a Joint Covid Care team of KSO-Bangalore, we have set up home care and community care centre for COVID patients in Kothanur, Bangalore. This care centre can be availed by any COVID patient who is in need of oxygen before hospitalisation. We have a 12 member team with 7 staffs from the health care team (Nurses and medical practitioners) and volunteers to support the centre. At the centre, we have procured the below facilities for patient care.

  • Oxygen Concentrators
  • Digital BP apparatus and Pulse oximeters
  • Emergency Medical Kits (For Nurse outreach)
  • Oxygen face Masks/Nebulization Mask for front line workers and volunteer Nurses
  • IV sets for patients
  • Medical emergency kits

Migrant Worker Families Relief

Why we need your help

India is experiencing a catastrophic surge in COVID-19 cases. The infection rates are the highest ever seen, nearly triple 2020's peak. At the peak of the surge in May, daily new cases are expected to reach 500,000. Hospitals and ICUs are already operating at or over capacity.

The plight of India's migrant workers in the COVID 19 lockdown was highlighted on national and international news channels. Overnight migrant workers found themselves unable to work and not able to return to their villages. They are effectively trapped in migrant worker camps with no money, food, work or real chances of social distancing. To prevent hunger and destitution in Bangalore's migrant communities, Oasis India plans to distribute essential food and provision to 4000 migrant workers and their families

We are also responding to more than 10 community hubs across Mumbai red light areas, Chennai, Chittoor (AP) and Bangalore already. Your gift allows us to help families in need and to respond quickly when every minute counts.

Please make a compassionate emergency donation today to save lives and to support migrant workers and people in crisis in Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai.


Bangalore has over 400,000 migrant workers who are now out of work and with no safety net to support them. They cannot return to their villages, their children are out of school and the women are out of work too. Without local identity cards, they are not entitled to state relief. They cannot benefit from government shelters and are completely dependent on support from NGOs and the community.


This project will provide basic food provisions for a family for 7-10 days, to prevent hunger and ill health. Those who do not have food for even one day will be provided cooked food. We will request food from government so after two or three weeks, Government can begin to support them. Frontline workers will raise awareness about COVID 19 prevention and where to seek help if someone develops symptoms. Oasis India's team and migrant worker leaders will be provided with medical support when needed.

Long-Term Impact

The project will save 4,000 migrant workers, their families and enable them to stay safe in the lockdown period. Migrant workers will be registered with and have access to official Government support services. It will build capacity of migrant workers and their unions to co-ordinate relief work and to have a voice to demand their human rights as inter-state migrants. This project will provide social protection till workers regain livelihoods. It will support frontline workers who contract COVID

The kit will contain

Sr no Contents Units Cost
1 Rice 10 kg 400
2 Dals/ lentils 3 kg 275
3 Edible oil 2 kg 130
4 Spices ( Chilly powder, turmeric, cumin powder etc) 500 gms 120
5 Sugar 1 kg 50
6 Salt 1 kg 50
7 Clothes washing detergent 2 pieces 40
8 Bath soap 2 pieces 90
9 Toothpaste and tooth brush 100 gms 120
10 Sanitiser 1 75
11 Masks set of 3 30
12 Total per kit cost in INR 1380/-

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Today, we face a lot of uncertainty due to the COVID-19 outbreak all around the world. At Oasis India, we are doing everything we can to protect our beneficiaries and staff in our hubs.

As we grapple with this pandemic, we have come to realise that the most affected are those from low income families.  As the scale of this crisis has left them in the lurch, we are responding on the ground with aids for the low income families and those working in the informal sector.

Problems that families in the communities face due to COVID-19:

  • Daily wagers/ informal sector workers are without jobs and are in debts.
  • Not enough supplies to sustain for a longer period
  • No protective masks or hand sanitisers
  • No bank accounts to access government aided entitlements
  • 30—40% of slum dwellers across cities where we work do not have ration cards
  • In Chittoor, 80-100 migrants are stranded in a Government relief camp
  • Sustenance after the lockdown poses a threat

In Bangalore

In Mumbai

*Creating awareness and distribution of masks were done in the community by our staff before the Government lockdown in India.

In Chennai

In Punganur


Your financial contribution will: 

  • Support the families of construction workers, housemaid, and road side vendors with 3 months food rations.
  • Provide hygiene kits like masks and soap.
  • Provide recharge pack for mobile phones of the migrant individuals
  • Provide medicine for those sick in the slum areas we work in
  • Help in purchasing fabric for producing masks by our project tailoring and self-help group women.

Thank you for making a difference! 

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Credibility Alliance

Where we work

Dear Partners & Supporters,

 Greetings from Oasis India!

I would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year! As we step in 2022, we thank you for what you have helped us accomplish this past year.

Oasis India has accomplished 27 successful years of empowering women and children in India. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful support and partnership that we have shared over the years. Even though we faced a great global distress in the past years, we have come out stronger. As we begin celebrating this season of joy and peace, I would like to thank you for your support and love towards Oasis India.

My sincere appreciation to the Board (Committee of Management) for their guidance and a special thank you to our funding partners. We are very grateful to our institutional donors, Mukthi Bike Challenge network & riders, volunteers, sponsors, donors, 500 club donors, community partners and everyone who has continued to support our work through donations, volunteering and professional services. You all make us who we are and we will never lose sight of that. Our teams in the field who work directly with the beneficiaries have gone above and beyond their call of duty in 2021 and have left me so deeply humbled by their self-sacrificing efforts and commitment.

You will be delighted to know that in 2021, we have received our Platinum certification from GuideStar India for one year. That makes Oasis India one of the selected 100 non-profits attaining the highest Transparency and Quality Standards. We are on track, making all necessary arrangements for our FCRA renewal. We have also received 12AB and 80G renewal for the year. Our biggest accomplishment this year has been the successful launch of our new hub at North East in Churachandpur, Manipur to help families in alternative skill training and holistic development of children, leading to a developed and socially conscious community. Mukthi Bike Challenge 2021 was nothing short of amazing and the different editions in the various cities and countries helped us to get the word out about human trafficking to people around the globe.

Thank you all for supporting the work of Oasis India and helping us make a difference in our community. Your dedication is what inspires each and every one of us. This season, I wish you all the best and success in life as we head towards 2022! Be blessed.

With Regards,
Mangneo Lhungdim
Executive Director
Oasis India