In our 25 years of service, we have had the honor of working with thousands of women, men and children from vulnerable backgrounds across India. This book has stories of victims of trafficking who have left the trade to find alternative employment opportunities and others who found their own path in life. We have released a book called ’25 Years. 25 Stories.’ which captures the heart wrenching and transformation stories of a selected few individuals whom we have worked with since 1993.

This book is a celebration of the thousands of people like the 25 individuals who are survivors and trail blazers in their own right. Their words are a testament to their incredible resilience and points toward the urgency for action, as many others suffer in silence.

We encourage you to buy this coffee table book for yourself or do one better and gift this to someone who you want to inspire! The money raised from the sale of this coffee table book will go into our grassroots work with trafficked victims in the notorious red-light areas of Mumbai.