Youth Club for holistic development

Manoj, our change agent in Hallelegudadhahalli, Bangalore loves attending our after-school programme and the youth club. Previously, he was a part of our footballprogramme where he had regular practices, watched live matches with his friends atstadiums and participated in tournaments with other teams. Through football, Manojdeveloped his passion for the game and also learnt to live a disciplined life.

Now, Manoj enjoys being a part of the youth club where he learns about theimportance of education, child rights and gets help to develop his creativity! Theyouth club focuses on the social and emotional development of children and alsohelps create awareness on anti-human trafficking.

Many children like Manoj receive holistic development at Oasis India, which enablesthem to not only be their best self but also be socially conscious individuals in theircommunities.

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