Microskilling in Chennai!

Our team in Chennai conducted focus group discussions and personal interviewswith the women in the community of Kalyanapuram to understand their needs.Through this, we found that they were interested to learn new skills which can helpthem to become financially independent.

In collaboration with Eben David Charities, our team began a 5-day mirco skilltraining for 14 women hand picked through interviews. This 5-day training helpedwomen learn how to make detergents, phenoyl, soap oil and candles. As womenlearn effective ways of making products used daily, they can not only start smallbusinesses but can also reduce the cost of buying these products from stores.
This micro skill training has also been conducted with women in Kannagi Nagar,Chennai. This is just an another stepping stone for many more projects that willempower our community women in Chennai.

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