Empowering women for true independence!

Empowering women and creating a sustainable lifestyle for them and their familieshas been our goal. In Chennai, we work with former beneficiaries to create products for sale! Working at this production, has given them something to fall back on,financially.

Baby Jasmine has been a part of Oasis’ various programmes for the past 7 years.She finished her tailoring course and is now helping with the production of cushioncases and candles. After Baby’s mother lost her job during the lockdown, she struggled to take care of the expenses at home. She joined the production unit atKalayanapuram hub through which she financially supports her mother. Although the pressure at home takes a toll on Baby’s physical and mental health, she enjoys coming to our centre and spending time doing what she loves.

Jeevitha works with Baby in the production unit! With two children at home, sheworks to earn extra cash to be financially independent. This is their first bold step outinto attaining their own independence.

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