Sports at RLA

Priyanka, 14, stays with her parents in Kamathipura. During a visit at a local school,our staff met Priyanka and introduced Oasis’ after-school programme. In 2017,Priyanka visited the centre with her mother and joined the after-school programme atKamathipura. She takes active part in the hub activates, life skills sessions, rhythm oflife sessions, events, outings, summer camp, celebrations and health check-ups.Participation in the activities at the hubs has helped Priyanka understand theimportance of personal care, social behaviour, discipline and ownership. ThroughLife skill sessions Priyanka says that she has learnt the importance of respecting others, supporting, helping, and caring. Since coming to Oasis, she has experienced love, received educational support and made many wonderful friends which sheconsiders a great blessing. Priyanka was also underweight when she joined thefootball team but she has now gained some healthy weight and has grown taller.

In 2019, Priyanka joined the Kamathipura football team and was very enthusiasticabout learning the game and also learning the lessons that were taught in herpractice sessions. She identified the gender inequality in her family and isdetermined to change it. Priyanka says, “In our culture girls are not allowed to go toschool after 13 years, but I have privilege to attend school. In the place that I live,girls gets married early too but I am determined to change that inequality not just inmy family but in my community as well!” Priyanka is happy that she is a part of thefootball team and loves coming to Oasis for daily football practices. She says thatshe learnt the importance of team work. Priyanka says, “It feels like a dream to be apart of this football team.”

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