Seran loves football

Seran has been a part of Oasis India’s football training programme for the past 4years. A few years ago, his mother passed away in her sleep due to an illness.Seran’s father used to work in the harbor but since the pandemic hit, he has beenstruggling to keep the family afloat. He is currently working as a daily wage worker.

In every struggling home, there are children who struggle in silence. For some ofthese children in Basin Bridge, sports at Oasis provides a place of stability. Seran,like many other children, attend sports sessions regularly and has great enthusiasm.During the lockdown, Seran was at home and had very less physical activity. Heattended our Eco-champ sessions in partnership with Bhumi and our team kept themactive with everyday activities. We began football practices again and it helped Seranbecome healthy and fit with a proper diet and consistent practice sessions. Thesesmall changes create a big impact in the lives of these children.

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