Khushi and Muskan

Khushi Dubey (15) and Muskan Dubey (14) are sisters, studying in 10th and 9thgrade. Khushi plays as a striker and Muskan plays as a defender in our football teamat Nalasopara. In the beginning, they joined without knowing what football is. They have now learnt the details of how to play football, how many players are in a team,the rules and regulations, cards, different free kicks, etc with great interest.

After coming for practices regularly, they have learnt to manage time wisely byfollowing a time table and to tackle any task with a positive mindset. Khushi and Muskan’s lifestyles have changed too, as they have stopped eating junk food and arebecoming more conscious of their health. They have also learnt how to develop their confidence and talk to everyone without any hesitation.

Khushi and Muskan had very good first match experience. Muskan says, “We were very nervous and scared of the opponent players but after playing our first match weare more confident. We constantly work towards improving our game.” She has also played really well in the competitions and has saved goals as a defender for theteam!

Muskan has taken on responsibilities like distributing the nutrition to the teammembers. The sisters both, send reminders for everyone in the group regularlyabout nutrition or any other information from the staff. They help in taking the girls tothe club and are always first to take up important responsibilities. Most of all,they enjoy practicing! Kushi and Muskan love when they are taught different moves and tackles. Khushi says, “We are grateful for Oasis and the opportunity we have toplay for a club and to move forward in sports.”

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