A Fighter

When I was younger, my parents and I used to stay in Bandra, Mumbai. We bought ahouse in Nalasopara but we faced a lot of problems following that. We were not allowed to move in by the builders. My parents often went to meet them but werealways pushed away. All their legal efforts were in vain too! Finally, my mother movedinto the house alone because I had school in Bandra and my father was also workingthere. She withstood the taunts and the pressures given by the builders to securethe house. She stood firm with the decision she made and faced the builders withoutgetting scared because she knew she was right.

My mother is an active part of the Nalasopara community, motivating others to be apart of the programmes at Oasis. My superhero is my mom. She motivates me andteaches me to never give up. She often says, “You may not get it in the first try,second or even the third but you keep trying and you will get it eventually. Be boldand speak for what is right.” I admire my mother a lot and have great respect for her.
~ Manisha, ASP, Nalasopara

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