A role model for the girls in her community

6 months ago, Sneha’s life was turned upside down when her father passed away. Therewas a belief in the community that as soon as a girl’s father passes away, the girl has to be married within a year or has to wait for the next 3 years. Sneha’s family decided that they cannot continue her education and have to get her married.

After her wedding, Sneha moved to Pune with her husband. As time passed, her husband became physically and verbally abusive. Sneha was also pregnant, experiencing torment every day from the hands of the one who promised to protect her. She says, “I, somehow gathered all my strength to come back to Mumbai and I told my parents everything.” Sneha now lives with her elder sister and their family. This is when Sneha found out about our Assistant Nursing training. Life skills and one on one counselling helped her navigate through a lot of emotional and family issues that she was facing.

Sneha is growing to become mentally strong every day. She says, “No one has to feed me.I have learnt to take care of myself. I am very grateful for the new skill training which helps me to be independent. Every girl should receive a training like this and should be employed.”
Sneha is also a change agent In her community influencing people to join the training. Skill training like this is a saving grace for many like Sneha who come from trauma and abuse.It helps them turn their life around for good.

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