Roopa’s dream for HGH

Roopa, 30, is our vocational tailoring course alum and is now part of our SHG in HGH. She was born and brought up in a village but after her wedding, she movedwith her husband to Bangalore. She says, “Before I joined Oasis, I was very self-conscious and was not confident to talk to others. Life skill classes at Oasis helped me to talk in front of others without fear and nervousness. I have learned so many life skills like emotional intelligence, self-esteem, team building, decision making, relationship issues etc. and also learned about health related issues.

I initially did not have any knowledge about SHGs but once Oasis India’s team oriented us, I was very keen to join. They taught us about savings, how SHGs workand its objectives. In our group we have 15 members and we have named our SHG’s as Nava Chethana Mahila Sangha. We have started saving Rs. 200 every month. Monthly once, we gather together for a meeting. With my savings, I took a loan of Rs. 5000 from this group and I have paid the school fees for both my children. My husband and family members are very happy about me being a part of the SHG. In the future, I want to start a new SHG in my community.”

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