A mother’s joy

“I got married at a very young age. My husband and I have 8 children. Due to financial constraints, I was not able to go to the hospital for routine check-ups or for the delivery of our children. This greatly affected my health. My husband and I work odd jobs that are available but our income is not enough to feed our family of 10. So we had to resort to taking our elder daughter out of school and we sent her for work. The other children study in a government school at Songpi village in Churachandpur, Manipur. From time to time, if we needed more money, we would let our children skip school to go for work. Their studies were affected because of this. Whenever our children did go to school, they were very lethargic and negligent towards their studies.

Hoineching and her children with Oasis Staff

During these tough times is when Oasis India conducted awareness programmes at Songpi village. They did programmes on ‘the importance of education’ and on ‘the importance of family planning’. Since attending these sessions, my perception on children’s education has changed. I stopped sending them for work and sent them to school regularly. Letminkai, my second son, studying in 6th standard has joined Oasis India’s after-school programme (ASP). We have seen him improve a lot in his academics since. He has become very responsible and has started studying so well. He asks a lot of questions about his lessons to his tutors every day. Letminkai even secured the first rank in his class! This makes me so happy.”


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