“My opportunities are boundless”

I have been a part of Oasis India’s vocational tailoring programme in Hallegudadhahalli, Bangalore. Before joining the tailoring classes, I was taking care of my family and the daily household chores. Since my husband is a tailor, he encouraged me to take up tailoring classes at Oasis. After joining the course, I learnt to stitch clothes perfectly. With the help of my husband, I started taking orders too! My husband brings orders from the community and I earn INR 5000 every month through this.

Joining the course at Oasis India has empowered me with many new skills. I not only learnt tailoring, I also learnt how to bake a cake, make bangles and door mats. All of these skills help me generate income in a small way. Today, I help my husband with his small tailoring shop. We run it together and it has become a great financial boost for our family. I felt very confident and realised that my opportunities are boundless. So I joined a fashion designing course and I am learning different patterns, designs and ideas. I plan on opening a boutique where I can train other women from our community in tailoring as well!


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