Sports and Life Skills

Fifteen-year-old Roashan from Nallasopara, in Mumbai, shares about the impact the football programme has had on his life

“I had no idea about football before but after joining Oasis India’s sports programme, I have learned many new techniques like controlling the ball, passing and heading, and the positions of players. Besides football, I have also learnt lots of life skills like respecting everyone, teamwork, honesty, self-esteem, and punctuality. I have started eating healthy food and have learnt to control my anger. I now take conscious effort to spend time with my brother and sister, and I help my mother and sister in doing housework too!

I go regularly for my club practices and If I make a mistake while practicing, my coaches encourage me to do better. When I played my first match, I was both nervous and excited! I played with the elder boys; so they guided me during the game. We won that match and I was very happy that I played with them. This built my confidence greatly.

When the club selected me for the Palghar District Football Associate (PDFA) tournament, I was very excited! I told my mother about this and she was very proud of me. This is a big tournament, so I have started practicing very hard.”

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