“I love coming for practice and learning new skills”

My mother was a part of Oasis India’s vocational tailoring course in Basin Bridge, Chennai and here, she heard about the football programme for boys! She spoke to Coach Kavi and enrolled me in it. I have been a part of the football team for the past 4 years.

I love coming for practice every day and learning new skills. I used sit at home and while away my time before but after joining the sports programme, I have become very active and fit. My favourite part of the practice sessions is the match that we have towards the end of each day. My sports team plays so well and we have never lost a match!

I see a lot of difference in myself since joining the sports programme. The coaches teach me how to be disciplined and to be more focused on my work. I am so grateful for all of these lessons. Coach Kavi and Coach Ganesh are the reason for who I am today. I have had so many wonderful experiences in this sports programme and with my friends but the moment that I will remember forever is when we all travelled to
Yelagiri for Mukthi Bike Challenge 2021. We had so much fun practicing street plays, putting up awareness sessions on the roads and spending time together in the dorms! I will carry the lessons I learnt about working as a team and the experiences I had here for life.

Oasis has helped me to dream big. I have witnessed people in my community and at home, not being respected by others. They are treated badly and are taken advantage of. So I want to become a Police Officer and earn the respect of everyone around me. I know my fitness and life skills training in the sports programme is a stepping stone for that.

Mukesh, 16

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