The trainees that are part of our skilling courses often walk in with a lot of emotional trauma and family issues. We focus on not just developing their skills but also providing counselling and life skills that help them leave better than they came in.

Radha, 21, is part of the baking course at our new training center in Mumbai. Radha had experienced the sudden death of her close relatives, the death of her mother had a very deep impact on her. She battled with loneliness and the constant fear of death. Since her father is diabetic and her brother struggles with obesity, Radha feared for their well-being and this took a toll on her everyday life. We put her through life skills sessions, group counselling and personal counselling that could help her overcome the emotional distress. Our team used a couple of therapeutic techniques such as self-talk, reality therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy which helped her come out of the brim of depression. In her own pace, Radha started to rebuild her relationship with her family members and worked on her confidence. She also began exercising to keep herself healthy which also lead to an amazing mental transformation!

Today, Radha is working in one of the esteemed bakeries in Mumbai and is living her life with big dreams and aspirations. She plays a key role in motivating the other trainees with her testimony.

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