A Dream For Her Family

Saranya, 28, is part of our self-help group (SHG) in Basin Bridge, Chennai. She is a mom of 2 children and has gone miles to lift her family from poverty. We are happy that Oasis could play a small role in helping her achieve that.

Saranya completed her beautician course 5 years ago and was working part-time in a salon for Rs. 5000, per month. Since she was insistent on having her children study in good private schools, it was difficult to keep the family running with the income she and her husband were receiving.

In 2019, Saranya joined our SHG for women. SHGs help members of the community practice saving money and allows taking of loans for their small business ventures. Through this scheme in the SHG, Saranya started a stationary shop in the community with which she earns about Rs.1000 every day which goes into developing her shop and spending for the family.

Saranya always takes up any opportunity that can help her move forward in life. When our baking course was introduced she willingly joined in! After attending two days of baking training at Cake mall and at Tamil Nadu Agriculture Department which offered millet baking training, Saranya practiced consistently to perfect her skill. She, along with the other trainees, trained over 150 women from affluent communities who were part of a women’s wing called RYA foundation. She is passionate about developing her three small business ventures which are now very sustainable small streams of income for her family.

Our vision is to build thriving individuals and we are glad that Saranya is one of them!

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