Learning to be community conscious

Thoufiya, 18, is one of our young tailoring programme students in Punganur. In her time at Oasis, Thoufiya has shown great interest in helping people. Thoufiya is very passionate about the safety of children. She accompanies children from the after-school programme (ASP) and drops them off at home safely after every session. She also volunteers at all our awareness events and has built great rapport with all the
parents of our ASP children.

Thoufiya stays very close to our hub and is always a great help for the staff, especially during the time of COVID-19, when access to the communities were limited. Thoufiya says that she has learnt the importance of community while working with Oasis. She says, “Oasis works towards fulfilling the needs of the community people and ensures the education of children. One day, I want to establish a good health facility in my village as we have no health centre for alteast 5 kilometers.” #GirlBoss

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