Isma’s dream

Isma, one of our change agents in Nalasopara is determination to help the children in her community. She believes in bringing change within oneself which in-turn brings change in the family and in the community around us. This is what being a change agent is all about! Isma saw that some of the children in her community needed help in their academics and their parents were not able to help them. Nalasopara is
known to have a very low literacy rate among children and the pandemic posed a threat to these young school-going children.
During the lockdown, Isma gathered the children in small batches and tutored them to help them remember everything they have learnt at school. Isma also requested guidance from our staff on teaching children how to take precautions during COVID- 19 and carefully taught them as well! Because of Isma’s efforts, our ASP children are improving in their academics and are learning new things every day! Isma is a

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