Skills to learn and skills to earn

Sangeetha, one of our employment readiness programme students in Bangalore is a great example of using time to its advantage. During the lockdown, Sangeetha learnt to weave doormats from used clothes, sarees and rags. With this new learnt skill, Sangeetha sold some of these mats to her friends and family.

In India, we often view women as victims of patriarchy and more often than not, it is true. But when we begin to view women to be empowered, our approach towards their growth and development shifts for the better. Sangeetha not only made and sold mats but also works at a mask manufacturing company while she attended college online classes. She took time out of her schedule to help us with our relief support distribution in the community.

Your obstacles do not define you but how you overcome them does. With her hard work, Sangeetha has proved to be a true #GirlBoss.

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