Change Agents & Bangalore

Philip Devaraj, our Programme Leader – Bangalore and Punganur, writes about the change agents who rose up to the occasion in our Bangalore communities. Covid-19 has affected people from different strata of the society who have suffered loss in many ways. Bangalore, known as the IT capital of India was hit hard. Initially, the government bodies and the medical systems were able to keep the numbers
down by taking swift and stringent measures. But with time, the pandemic took a grip of the city and there was a gradual but steady spike in the number of cases. The community where we have been working in Hallegudadhahalli, saw an increased number of cases. During this time, we were very actively involved in providing assistance to the people with the help of our partner organisations and individuals. Many of our students from the various programmes in our hubs took on challenging roles to assist in monitoring cases etc.

Shakib, a former student of Oasis Computer Training programme volunteered at the war room at Bangalore’s International Airport. He assisted the government staff in screening passengers, attending distress calls and follow ups. It was a 40 kilometer commute every day but he offered his services during the entire lockdown period and made us proud! Later he was assigned as an invigilator at an area near our hub. He had the task of monitoring and following up with people who were quarantined at home and to ensure that they did not violate protocols. Each day he had to monitor and report a minimum of 40 such families. He did his work diligently and set a great example for us all.

Syed and Tausif of our Computer training programme volunteered their services at the International Airport war room. Syeda and Sumaiya helped our staff during the relief distribution to the beneficiaries in the community by way of data collection, temperature screening and packing of relief materials. The fact that students showed enough courage and willingness to support others during this time of crisis augurs well for the purpose and objective of Oasis and our partner organisations. It will be apt to say that our students have become true agents of change.

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