Finds her own path for success

In Songpi, Manipur, Lamneihoi faces similar struggles as Indhu. She takes care of her sick mother-in-law and her five little children. Lamneihoi’s husband is a daily wage labourer, and they struggle to survive only on his earnings. Therefore, Lamneihoi decided to join
Oasis India’s trainings in our Songpi hub in Churachandpur to learn about making everyday items used at home and generating income from them. She makes detergent, dishwashing liquid, and grows mushrooms, sells them, and uses that income to help meet her family’s basic needs.

Lamneihoi was bound by her situation, but she found a way! Many women in our communities are struggling but they find a way for accelerating the growth of not just their families but growth of theire own self.

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Finds her own path for success
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