Dhanalakshmi, fondly known as Dhana is part of the hairdressing and beautician training in our Kalayanpuram hub, Chennai. She is the top performer in her class and is loved by everyone as she patiently helps those who struggle with techniques and is always trying new things! Her positive attitude and smile often mask the sadness in her life. Dhana lost her mother at a very young age and did not have much of an education as she had to drop out of school. She also recently lost her father, who was the pillar of their family. Having lost both parents, Dhana was left to take care of her sisters.

Dhana heard about Oasis India through a friend. She made the decision to enrol in the hairdressing programme right away and learn a new skill that will help her care for herfamily. This served as a turning point for Dhana. She became the best performer in her group, quickly grasping concepts and techniques so well. She also makes the effort to be presentable and grooms herself well. This helped her become very confident in herself and her skills. After graduating, Dhana has started earning through hairdressing and beautician home services. She still comes to the hub to practice regularly and strives to be the best.Dhana hopes to return to school and finish her education, earning a degree that will add value to her hairdressing and beautician skills.

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