Overcoming Depression – Hammeda’s story

Women who join our skilling programmes across India also earn great support systems for life. Through life skill discussions and sessions conducted by our staff,women learn to navigate through life’s struggles efficiently and to support each other through the process. Many who graduate, often come back to receive guidance from our team.

Hameeda is one such individual. Hameeda struggled with depression for many years afterher marriage. She faced many hardships as her husband did not work regularly and eventhe little he earned was not given to the family. When she was pregnant. she did not recieve proper food and was bound within the four walls of her house. She was not on speaking terms with those in her own home, and this led to her extreme depression and insomnia.

Hameeda’s mother noticed her deteriorating health and took her to the hospital to be treated for depression. She was put on medication and has been in treatment for several years. She then joined the vocational tailoring course at the Hallegudhadhahalli hub in Bangalore. She says, “Coming from this abyss of depression, Oasis was like a beam of comfort for me. Attending the tailoring course and engaging with the other women in the class has been a breakthrough. It is a very good atmosphere with positive thinking friends and a team that always encourages me to do something in life.”

Hammeda successfully completed the 6-month vocational tailoring programme and has started taking on small orders and stitching clothes for her family and neighbours. This has been a boost to her confidence and self-esteem. She says, “Taking on orders is a great achievement for me. I could not even come out of my house, but now I am supporting my family financially, and it feels so good.”

Every now and then, Hammeda struggles with decisions and problems at home. She has a hard time dealing with uncertain situations, but she always reaches out to our team for guidance. Hameeda says, “Every time I am unable to make a decision, I only sit and cry,but counselling with the Oasis staff has helped me to take on problems and find solutions.”This positive impact on Hameeda has also improved her mental health, and her doctors have reduced the dosage of her medication too. A great milestone! Hameeda says, “I am grateful to Oasis India for treating me as an equal and for not looking down on me. I have always experienced disrespect, but at the hub, I feel respected and heard. ”

We are truly proud of Hameeda’s progress and achievements.

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