Awareness on organic farming in Punganur

In Punganur, India, farming has been a major occupation for the people in that community. To promote healthy and pesticides-free products, we promote organic farming. Organic farming is built over time but chemical fertilisers have an immediate effect on the vegetables. Being exposed to these chemical for a long period of time increases the risk of cancer, causing complications especially in children and pregnant women.

At Muthukur, our new hub in Punganur, we have awareness programmes on organic farming from time to time, vermicomposting trainings and health camps for not just farmers but also for children. Recently, we conducted an organic farming awareness sessions in the Muthukur village for farmers. Mrs. Rakeeba, Mandal agriculture officer facilitated the sessions and gave awareness on the issues farmers face with
seasonal crops. Farmers learnt about the precautionary measures to take on healthy peanut cultivation and using government schemes for the same. Rama Kirshna, a farmer from Muthukur, says, “I am happy to attend these session as they are very informative and they give me hope for a healthy and a better future.”

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