Amina – Setting an example

Amina has two beautiful daughters and a son. Her youngest daughter, Heena is part of Blue Edge, a 6-month employment readiness programme at Oasis. She introduced her mother to the vocational tailoring programme at Oasis to help her become self-dependent. When Amina was young, she aspired to be a nurse but as she married at 16, she was not able to study further or seek employment. Today, after graduating from the tailoring course, Amina is able to stitch dresses, gowns, kurtas, blouses, etc. not only for herself but for orders from her neighbours as well.

Heena says, “Recently, I see that my mother has started having conversations with me about various subjects. She stitched a gown for me and I am so happy to see her do these things.” Amina’s sole wish is to educate her daughters and she does not want them to get married at an early age. She wants her children to pursue their dreams and she does not want their aspirations to be underestimated like hers.

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