Mother – A Fearless Protector

Mira* had loving parents who sent her to school and invested in her growth. When she was studying in 6th grade, her mother passed away. Her father remarried, and since then her life changed drastically as she suffered abuse in the hands of her step-mother. She confided in her elder sister and her husband but when Mira was just 13, her brother-in-law brought her to Mumbai and sold her in a red-light area. She did not have a choice but to stay there.

Mira had two children in the red-light area who are now 18 and 17 years old. When they were young, she brought them to Oasis. Since then Oasis has been their home. After a few years, Mira was finally able to leave the red-light area and get her first job in an NGO. Mira is determined to work harder so that she can see her children more often and do well. She says, “I want my children to follow their dreams, so that they can lead a better life than mine.”

*name changed

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