A True Change Agent #2

Shakeel Ansari has stayed with his family in Mumbai since leaving his home town for work. He sells flutes and his family lives in a thatched home, in a very unhygienic environment.

Our team met him during one of the awareness sessions on education, addiction, and health at the slum where Shakeel stays. He showed a lot of interested in changing his habits and his family’s situation for the better. He wanted to get involved with our programmes and also encouraged the people in the community to take part in our programmes. We invited him to be a part of our change agents group in Nalasopara and this was just the beginning of his work in the community.

Shakeel was regular to the meetings and was very proactive He arranged for meetings, awareness programmes and helped greatly with the relief work. Shakeel did everything wholeheartedly. During the lockdown, he helped in identifying and putting together the names of the people in need of relief support and arranged for them to follow the social distancing rules and the safety measures on the day of relief work. He is a true hero of change.

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