A True Change Agent #3

Gowri was one of our first vocational tailoring programme students at Kannagi Nagar, Chennai. She has been very committed to the programme and inspires others to bring a positive change in the community. With her mother being the only bread winner of the family, Gowri had to drop out of school due to financial constraints and start working. Even though she could not continue her education, Gowri wanted her sister to study. So she is helping her sister with her school fees. Whenever we have discussions with the women in the tailoring programme on the issues in the community, Gowri is always the first person to voice out her opinions and discuss the different ways these issues can be addressed.

She was actively involved in our COVID-19 awareness initiative. During our door to door campaign before the lockdown, Gowri helped in educating the community members on the symptoms of COVID and on how to protect themselves from the virus. She also helped us in putting up awareness posters in the community. During the lockdown, when our staffs were unable to go to the hub, Gowri volunteered to
help in collecting the database for providing relief support in Kannagi Nagar. She also volunteered to distribute relief kits to over 380 families. It has not been easy for families like Gowri’s to survive in this lockdown, but Gowri was able to look past her struggles and help her fellow community members.

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