A Father’s Joy

My wife and I have 7 children. Last year, we were blessed with a baby boy. I am a daily wage labourer and wveryday we are living hand to mouth, struggling to provide a proper education for my children. I, as a parent, barely have any time to spend with them at home and discipline my children.

When Oasis India’s after-school programme (ASP) was inaugurated in our village, it was truly a relief for a penurious family like ours. My son, Seigunlun, 12, joined ASP last year and we saw many behavioural changes in him. He started practicing good habits and always tried to be punctual. He does not miss his ASP and football training at Oasis India and makes sure he is there on time. I am so glad to see my son who was loitering around aimlessly, doing his school work without any prompts, helping his mother with household chores and being disciplined. Oasis has truly changed not just my son but my family too!

Teiseng village, Manipur

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