Moving upward in life

I am just a regular person but my dreams are big for me and my children. Oasis has helped me move towards making my dreams a reality. I attended Oasis India’s sessions on pig rearing and also received piglets which was a life-long dream for me. There are many things I want my children to have but I am unable to afford it due to financial struggles. Even buying groceries every month was a challenge for my family.  Through Oasis’ help, we received groceries for the past three months.

My children are also part of Oasis India’s after-school programme, receiving help in education and holistic development. Although I am not able to help my children with their studies, I am glad that Oasis is helping them in keeping their little dreams alive and it make my heart full.

There are many times when it’s hard to have hope but every time we sit in for training and activities at the hub, it motivates us to keep going. The regular visits and talks matter a lot to me.

Nu Tinkhoneng

Tuinom, North East

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