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A Father’s Joy

My wife and I have 7 children. Last year, we were blessed with a baby boy. I am a daily wage labourer and wveryday we are living hand to mouth, struggling to provide a proper education for my children. I, as a parent, barely have any time to spend with them at home and discipline …


Shyamli’s Story

Shyamli, 30, is part of our hairdressing programme in Mumbai. As Shyamli is transgender, she has faced discrimination everywhere she has turned for a work opportunity. When she heard about Oasis India from a former beneficiary and approached the staff, they immediately enrolled her in the hairdressing programme. She was in disbelief that we took …


Priya breaks out of her shell

Priya was struggling in school. She hated the crowd and wanted to stay in the quiet and comfort of her home. Her father was worried about her lack of motivation to learn and her fear of speaking out as it was a great obstacle for her academic growth. Things slowly changed when Priya joined our …

Tailoring - Sucess Story (2)

Financial Independence for Kousalya

Kousalya, 25, was part of our 6-month vocational tailoring course in Kalyanapuram, Chennai. She joined the programme to learn something during her free time, but little did she know that this was going to fuel her passion for designing. Kousalya was at the top of her class, learning quickly and a proactive student, always wanting to …

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Change Agents ensure clean communities

We created awareness on keeping the environment and home clean by distributing dustbins to over 70 community members at Nalasopara, Mumbai. Two of our change agents, Becchan and Kallu have taken the responsbility of ensuring cleanliness and maintaining a litter free zone.