Sarita finally goes to school!

Sarita was heartbroken when she had to quit school because of financial issues at home. She often found herself consumed in thoughts, worrying about her future. She was forgetting how to speak English and it was frustrating. All she longed to do was go back to school.

Joining our Basic English Course at Nalasopara, Mumbai was the most exciting thing that had happened to Sarita in a long time. In the first class, she motivated herself by saying that the English language has only 26 letters, and if she could ace learning them and study how to use them, then she could speak good English. Sarita enjoyed learning English and often practiced it with her big sister. Every opportunity she got, Sarita spoke in English.

While talking with our tutor, Sarita said, with tears welling up, “I am not privileged to study further. I just wish to go back to school.” The tutor was inspired by her interest in studying and began looking for ways to enrol her in a school. One of our staff sought the help of a principal, who assessed Sarita and agreed to enrol her in 8th grade. Sarita’s face lit up with great joy. Her dreams were finally coming true.

Sarita says, “I love going to school! The Basic English Course has helped me greatly in understanding and responding in class. I am so happy.”

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