Agro Farming in Manipur

“My name is Phalzahat. I live with two of my sons in Tuinom village in Churachandpur, Manipur. We are cultivators, and I earn money by cultivating various crops and seeds depending on the season. My biggest challenge every year is the cost of the seeds that we buy during the cultivation season. As we solely depend on the income earned from cultivation, once we consume what we have earned, we don’t have any cash to buy seeds for the next season.

Since I attended the vegetable cultivation training organised by Oasis India along with Krushi Vidya Kendra (KVK), my life has changed. During the training, I received seeds for cultivation, which was of great help to me. I did not have to spend money to go to the market to purchase the seeds. Receiving the seeds on time and being able to sow the seeds at the right time has given me a good harvest. The seeds produced 2 kg of peas and 5 kg of farm beans. By selling the produce, I earned INR 4000.  Through this income, I’m building a sty for rearing pigs for additional income. I feel like I’ve been able to move forward in life for the better.

Thank you for helping me make my dreams come true and take care of my family. “

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