Priya breaks out of her shell

Priya was struggling in school. She hated the crowd and wanted to stay in the quiet and comfort of her home. Her father was worried about her lack of motivation to learn and her fear of speaking out as it was a great obstacle for her academic growth.

Things slowly changed when Priya joined our basic computer course in Nalasopara,Mumbai. At the centre, she learnt about the different career options that are available and was inspired to become a banker. Then she realised that to work in a bank, she needs people management skills and her biggest fear was talking to people. The lifeskills sessions and the presentation classes helped her break out of her shell. Priya became confident in speaking up and started studying well too! Priya’s father was very emotional watching her speak boldly in class and even in public!

This transformation may be small for many of us, but for girls like Priya, who have lived all their lives in small boxes, unable to break free; this is a huge confidence booster.

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