Manasi’s Story

Manasi* lived with her parents and a disabled sister in Nalasopara, Mumbai. She recounts her struggles and abuse at home:

“I had two sisters. My father used to come home drunk and beat up my mother everyday. As a child, I only saw fights at home and as a result I could not express my feelings or talk about anything to anyone. I became very silent. I studied only until 7th grade. I wanted to study more but my father stopped my education and sent me to work in a steel factory for Rs. 300, per month. My  father never liked me or my sisters. He sexually abused me for several years. My sister suddenly disappeared one day when she was just 7 years old. My heart was broken as I longed to know what happened to her and where she was. I am not able to overcome that loss even today. My father abused my disabled sister too. Our own home was not safe for us.”

Manasi has finished her nursing skill training at our Nalasopara hub. While things were looking up for Manasi, the second wave hit and her father began forcing her to start commercial sex work to earn money. As we were alerted about the situation, we warned the father and have moved Manasi into our rehab home, Nirmal Bhavan,where she will be safe and can take up trainings for skill development.

Although, Manasi feels like this change is everything she every wanted, she is worried about her mother and sister. This new beginning can be a fresh start not justfor Manasi but for family too. Her hope is to have a life free of abuse and pain.

*name changed

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