Karishma has her family’s support to play football!

“I was introduced to Oasis India through a friend. Every day, I would watch the girls practise football on the ground, and it ignited a passion in me that I was unaware of. I was starting to love football and wanted to learn how to play the game. I approached Coach Ajith and he let me be a part of Oasis India’s football team.

When I told my parents that I was going to play football, they were against it. Everyday was a struggle at home as my parents and I constantly fought about me going to learn to play football. My parents refused to give me money for travel when I wouldgo to clubs for practice. They were not very happy with my decision, but recently,things have changed. My parents came to see me play in the Indian Women’s League Tournament. My entire family was in the arena, cheering for me. They were very happy, and so was I. Their acceptance and support meant everything to me. I only hope that all parents support their girl children when they choose to play sports.”

Nalasopara, Mumbai

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