A teacher in the making

Ezhil was part of our six-month employment readiness programme, Blue Edge at Basin Bridge and was a vital part of the Community Vigilance Group, creating awareness with a team in his community. He tutors over 35 children at the after-school programme (ASP) at Kannigapuram and helps with their holistic development. Here’s a short interview with him.

– What do you do now?
I am working in H&M, Chennai as a Sales Adviser. I also tutor children at Oasis’ after-school programme. This job has really helped me to identify my strength and weaknesses. I have learnt to understand myself which has in turn helped while working with children.

– How has your experience been with teaching children at ASP?
Tutoring has become a great part of my life. I consider it a privilege to help these children and take a special interest in them as my brothers and sisters. On Teacher’s Day, they all wished me and I felt like it was the biggest achievement of my life.

– What is the one thing you follow while dealing with children at ASP?
I am always patient while dealing with children. I try to be calm and kind when I teach and discipline them.

– What is your dream for children from Kannigapuram?
My dream for them is that they will all learn English and will learn to speak fluently and boldly.

– Who is your favourite teacher and what have they taught you about life?
My favorite teacher is Evangeline Grace who taught me in Blue Edge. She taught me that how we treat others is how they will treat us and I have always followed that. I will continue to teach that to the children at Kannigapuram.

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