Sayeesha and Kasturi

Life was looking very grey for Sayeesha* because of her alcoholic husband, poverty and unending challenges. The responsibility of providing and taking care of her children fell on Sayeesha. She received no support from her husband or her extended family. Finally she resorted to sex work in Kamathipura, Mumbai.

While working in the red-light area, Kasturi* and Sayeesha became friends. Kasturi had gone through a similar turmoil as Sayeesha, so there was an instant bonding. In time Kasturi met with our staff and eventually moved out of the red-light area. She started helping the staff prepare meals for the children at our programmes. Kasturi introduced Sayeesha to the Oasis staff and encouraged her to take up the 6-
month vocational tailoring course and the BA1 hair styling course. After a few months, Kasturi helped Sayessha leave the red-light area as well. Now Sayessha works in a beauty parlour and is financially independent. A good friend can also be a trailblazer and Kasturi was just that for Sayeesha.
*names changed

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