A Mother’s Fight

At Punganur, we have opened a new hub in Muthukur village which is 7 kilometers away from the Potter’s Wheel Campus. There are various programmes here including the after-school prorgamme. Sowjanya, a 4th grade student, struggled with her studies at school.

Her mother who was part of the tailoring programme at Oasis wanted Sowjanya to continue her education no matter what. This is because she knew the importance of education for girls through the awareness sessions at the hub. Sowjanya’s mother requested for her daughter to be a part of the after-school programme for children at Oasis. Her daughter found it difficult to cope with her studies. The tutors supported her to learn Math and other difficult subjects through activity-based learning. The tutors found that although Sowjanya is a good learner, she did not perform well in her studies due to the lack of individual attention.

Many children especially girls in Muthukur village drop out of school at an early age. According to the statistics from the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, around 63.5 percentage of female students in India quit school during adolescence to do
household work or for marriage. If not for Sowjanya’s mother’s efforts, she would have quit school too. What Sowjanya has learnt from her mother, she will grow up to teach her generation and the next.

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