Banu speaks about her best experiences in Project Sarika!

Project Sarika is an Oasis India initiative to create a platform for girls in Chennai’s Kalyanapuram and Kannagi Nagar communities to learn football, self-defence and life skills. The word ‘Sarika’ means a brave princess, and we help young girls become fearless,brave princesses who are aware of social evils and can protect themselves and those around them.

Here’s Banu Priya’s experience in Project Sarika.

“I joined Oasis India’s Project Sarika excited to be a part of some extra curricular activities. I did not know anything about football or self-defence. I slowly learnt all the drills, warm-ups, and routines. This has strengthened me both physically and mentally. We learnt to play without any fear and with confidence.

I had the best experience when we went on a 3-day trip to raise awareness about human trafficking in Kolli Hills. In my community, girls do not come out of the comfort of their homes due to fear and shyness, but this opportunity helped me realise how big the world is and how much I have left to learn. These experiences played a big part in helping me learn to never say no to good opportunities.

At Oasis, I have received constant encouragement and motivation to face anything boldly. They did not just teach me skills that equip me to protect myself, but also with knowledge about AHT and other dangers in society. I feel strong in my body and in my mind.”

Banu Priya, 7th Grade,
Kannagi Nagar, Chennai

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